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City vs. Country: Raymond Williams

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June 27 + 30, 6-8pm ET

Sophia Basaldua-Sun

Raymond Williams’ The Country and the City is a landmark text tackling the subject of the country and the city in literature during a time of historical industrial transition. In this course The Country and the City participants will engage with this key critical text in literary studies. We will cover the question of setting in literature, the country and the city as spatial categories, and how these ideas can be applied to reading literature writ large. This course is for anyone who wants to study the role of space in literature or deepen their reading practice.

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Sophia Basaldua-Sun is an Independent scholar holding a PhD in Cultural Studies & Comparative Literature from Stony Brook University. She researches decolonial literary urban studies, fin de siecle prose literature, and the history of the novel. Her work has appeared in The Journal of Urban Cultural Studies and Soundings: An Interdisciplinary Journal. She is the creator of The Metropolitanist.

Photo by AnhZoe85 Tran from Pexels