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Excavating Black Female History

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June 27 + 30, 6-8pm ET

Sydney Johnson

As historical subjects Black women remain grossly understudied. Considering their unique position at the intersections of race and gender (which always interacting with class, citizenship, sexuality, etc.) the lived experiences that emerge from said positionality have largely been silenced/left out of written records. This erasure has meant a lack of usable sources for historians writing about Black women. However, since the 1980s scholars have pioneered innovative strategies and looked in unexpected places to reveal the dynamic lives of Black women throughout history. This workshop offers a glimpse into the process and importance of historical recovery of the most marginalized.

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Sydney Johnson is a PhD Candidate in American Studies at Rutgers University, Newark. She holds an MA in Public History from American University and notably served as the first curator of color at the Missouri State Museum. She researches heritage, memory, and Black women’s economic agency in the early 20th century.

Photo: Artist Sydney James in front of her mural "Our Issues" (2020), via