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This course entails a close reading of Section I of Heidegger’s Being and Time with a focus on the Introduction, followed by a reading of “The Question Concerning Technology.” Some experience with college level philosophy education is recommended but not required. 

12 weeks 2x per week

M/TH 6-7:45pm, irl in Brooklyn or Manhattan, venue confirmation tbd

Sept 9 - Nov 25, 2024 (dates may be subject to slight adjustment pending venue confirmation)

Course must have 3+ paying enrollees to run. You are refunded if your class is cancelled. We otherwise cannot issue refunds due to our instructor compensation model. For every 3 paying enrollees we open one free seat in the course. Up to three free seats per course. Total enrollment is capped at 12.

This course will be taught by Vital Thought founder, Emily Gillcrist. Gillcrist holds a PhD in Cultural Analysis & Theory and has studied Heidegger's work since her 2009 undergradauate course on Being and Time with Socratic method expert, Professor Kerry Dugan. She expanded her studies of Heidegger, phenomenology, cognitive science, psychoanalysis, and ecology while at the New School for Social Research and while completing her doctoral work at SUNY Stony Brook. Her dissertation assesses contemporary technology, metaphysics, and psychology.