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Fandom & Affective Hoarding

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June 6 + 9, 6-8pm ET

Miranda Ruth Larsen

What does it mean to take something so someone else can’t have it? What if that something is an emotional experience rather than concert tickets or merchandise? How does this work in fandom spaces where enjoyment is supposed to be the top priority? This course explores these questions through the instructor’s concept of “affective hoarding,” something developed in her work with K-pop idols and Japanese fans in Tokyo. Students will consider the emotional potential of fandom practices, the role of creators/idols/performers in relation to fans, and issues of class and access within fandom spaces.

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Miranda Larsen is a PhD Candidate in Information, Technology, and Society in Asia (ITASIA) at the University of Tokyo. Her work focuses on transcultural media, fandom, and gender. She is often cited as a K-pop researcher in various media, and publishes on K-pop, Japanese pop culture, and horror film.

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