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Fluidity & Desire

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June 20 + 23, 6-8pm ET

Sandrine Hansen

In creative processes, in sexual desires, and in gender identifications, fluidity of being has become a live question. Within queer theory “fluidity” typically stands as the antidote to rigid and exclusive sexual practices and identities. In this course we examine Freud’s psychoanalytic understanding of libidinal fluidity, that is fluidity of the life force. We will ask how libidinal fluidity relates to the bi-sexual constitution of the human being, and consider what existential challenges may be rooted in our libidinal fluidity.

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Sandrine Hansen received her Ph.D. in Philosophy in 2021 from KU Leuven, Belgium. She specializes in contemporary continental philosophy and psychoanalytical theory. She teaches and writes on questions relating to sexual identity, subjectivity, cultural conservatism, feminism, and pleasure.