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Invisible Hand or Invisible Will

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June 27 + 30, 6-8pm ET

Marjan Fadavi Ardekani

While economists have been obsessed with the idea of the "invisible hand" they have not been concerned enough with the idea of "invisible will" or power. In this course, we discuss some of the definitions of power and the curious neglect of it in economics. After surveying cases of explicit mentions of power in the field we discuss concepts that have been instrumental in developing an almost power-free economic narrative.

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Marjan Fadavi Ardekani is a PhD Candidate in Economics at The New School for Social Research specializing in political economy, economic development, complexity economics, economic methodology, philosophy of economics and microeconomics. Her research is focused on the concept of "power" and lack thereof in economics. She has 6 years of experience teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in development economics, microeconomics, mathematics and macroeconomics.