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Media, Memory, Earth

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July 25 + 28, 6-8pm ET

Jamie Cohen

The study of deep time encourages a thoughtful discovery of our personal lives in relation to our planet's geological timeline. Our digital media flatten our experiences into a two-dimensional surface eliding our knowledge of the materiality behind the device and our connection to the earth - especially problematic in the face of climate change. This course is an exploration of our identity from digital to IRL and how we may better understand climate change through the labor behind the media we consume. We will consider media archaeology, deep time, Romanticism and labor in a course that reminds us how to be human on a changing Earth.

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Jamie Cohen is an Instructor at the City University of New York, Queens and co-creator of Digital Void podcast. Holds a PhD in Cultural Analysis & Theory with a focus on immersive tech, memes, and visual culture. He is the co-author of the first peer-reviewed paper on Pepe the Frog. Jamie is a fellow of The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, and the Salzburg Academy on Media and Global Change.