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Prison Abolition Today

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July 25 + 28, 6-8pm ET

Will McKeithen

What is prison abolition? Since the murder of George Floyd in 2020, more people are fed up with mass incarceration and violent policing. For many, abolition seems like an answer. Yet, its substance, genealogy, and concrete policies remain opaque. We will draw on recent works by Black feminist abolitionists Angela Davis and Ruth Wilson Gilmore to flesh out just what an abolitionist political program might entail and how we can get there in practical terms.

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Will McKeithen received their PhD in Geography in 2020 from the University of Washington. They are currently an Assistant Affiliate Professor at the University of Washington at Tacoma. Their work examines the intersections of biopower, the carceral state, and kinship. They live and work on occupied Lenape lands. You can find their work at