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Science & The Occult

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August 1 + 4, 6-8pm ET

Takatomo Inoue

Everyone should think that the occult is an nonscientific or even anti-scientific subject today. People might avoid it as an unreasonable "alternative truth.” However, in the development of science, occult elements can often be found and were sometimes essential. Alchemy, for example, can be seen as both proto-chemistry and occult practice. How should we understand this contradiction from a modern perspective?

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Takatomo Inoue is a Ph.D. candidate in History and Philosophy of Science & Medicine at Indiana University, Bloomington, specializing in the history of alchemy and chemistry in medieval Islam. He works for a NSF/NEH grant-funded research project, Chymistry of Isaac Newton, as a editorial assistant and web developer. His dissertation title is "Alchemy in Medieval Islam and Abū Bakr al-Rāzī."